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Savage Garden | Affirmation

Last Update 12.2.99
AFFIRMATION is finally out worldwide! Their second North America full album peaked SIXTH in the Billboards! And their debut single in Affirmation, I Knew I Loved You is currently in sixth position!

A video for the first single, I Knew I Loved You has been shot and features a special appearance by Kirsten Dunst. Although we do not get MTV in Canada, vote for I Knew I Loved You on TRL! Or send in your requests for MuchOnDemand at

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What is AFFIRMED on the site?

Discography The most detailed list of albums they produced from the beginning, including all the info about the hit self-titled album

Biography All you need to know about Daniel and Darren!

Savage Garden Store All the items ya need from Savage Garden!

Gallery All the pics them and now!

Audio Files On this page, some small audio clips from their debut album. Including some live preformances

Lyrics from their debut self-titled album. I am currently working on the the lyrics on Affirmation.

FAQ All those dying question you'd like to ask the webmaster!

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Site Updates

As you can see, the site was much more brighter than the last time. As Savage Garden started fresh with their new album Affirmation, I also decided to start fresh with a new layout (again!). I have AFFIRMED to change the site name from To the Moon and Back With Savage Garden to Affirmation.

Wondering what Affirmation means? According to it is defined as something declared to be true; a positive statement or judgment.


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Savage Garden History

5/97 I Want You made it to number one one the MuchMusic Countdown!

9/97 Savage Garden picked up best group, album, debut album, single, pop release, independent release, song of the year, highest selling single, best producer and best engineer. at the Australian Record Industry Awards (ARIAS).

1/98 Truly Madly Deeply defeated to ever-so-popular Elton John's Princess Diana Tribute, Candle in the Wind on th Billboard singles chart

2/98 Truly Madly Deeply made it to the top of the MuchCountdown!

2/99 The soundtrack for The Other Sister, THE ANIMAL SONG was released.