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Savage Garden News

Last Update 04.01.2000
Savage Garden update from Leonie! CLICK HERE!
Also, it's that time again! Yes, The Teen Choice Awards is coming and please vote I Knew I Loved You for best love song! Vote HERE! And remember to catch the show, Summer 2000, on your Fox Network!

Crash and Burn is FINALLY released in North America!!! Although we do not get MTV in Canada, vote for I Knew I Loved You on TRL! Or send in your requests for MuchOnDemand at

Congrats Savage Garden02.23.2000
Their self-titled album has been RIAA certified 6X PLATINUM after two years of their release! Also, their sophomore album, AFFIRMATION is achieved 2X PLATINUM! CONGRATS!

On Sunday, 6 February, 2000, the site had a little mishap from the web server and the site was down for the whole day, the WebGuy and Tripod sincerely apologizes for any convieniences caused. =(

I Knew I Loved You peaked at #1 for multiple weeks on the Rick Dee's International Chart, VH1, Casey Kasem's American Top 40, Billboard's Hot 100, and Canada's MuchMoreMusic! CONGRATS!!!

Also, Savage Garden's second single on the sophomore album, Crash and Burn, is about to be released!! It has already hit airwaves in the UK and ITALY.. but us North Americans, just have to wait!

I Knew I Loved You Single 01.21.2000
The single, "I Knew I Loved You" is available in stores everywhere.
The single contains the following mixes:
1. Album Version (4:10)
2. 7” Mini Me Mix (8:24)

AFFIRMATION is finally out worldwide! Their second North America full album peaked SIXTH in the Billboards! And their debut single in Affirmation, I Knew I Loved You is climaxed at FIRST position!

The video for the first single, I Knew I Loved You has been shot and features a special appearance by Kirsten Dunst.

Site Updates

This month, I have taken the job as moderator of the Savage Garden MailList called savagegardendream . There, you'll get the lastest infomation from the crew and you'll also be notified of future updates of the site!

The picture gallery is finally uploaded! Except for Dan and Daz's Individual galleries, where those are temporarily directory-formatted only.

I have also joined the Tangledweb Webring, so please check out the other savagers sites!

Last but not least, I finished the I Knew I Loved You & Animal Song screen shots, so check that out!


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Savage Garden History

5/97 I Want You made it to number one one the MuchMusic Countdown, Billboards, Rick Dee's, American Top 40, MTV!

9/97 Savage Garden picked up best group, album, debut album, single, pop release, independent release, song of the year, highest selling single, best producer and best engineer. at the Australian Record Industry Awards (ARIAS).

1/98 Truly Madly Deeply defeated to ever-so-popular Elton John's Princess Diana Tribute, Candle in the Wind on th Billboard singles chart

12/98 Truly Madly Deeply has set a new record!! They've been on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Airplay Chart for a phenomenal 107 weeks!! Also, they've won the Billboard Music Awards for Adult Contemporary Single Of The Year, for Truly Madly Deeply

1/2000 I Knew I Loved You peaked at #1 for multiple weeks on the Rick Dee's International Chart, VH1, Casey Kasem's American Top 40, Billboard's Hot 100, and Canada's MuchMoreMusic!

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